Leela Mela (Real name Lily Melnyk) is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan.

Leela started her music career at the beginning of the 2000s as the front-woman of the Ukrainian indie-pop-rock band called Kremp. The band was active for over a decade, after which Lella started her solo music career under the name Lily Kremp.

After relocating to Japan, Lily took a few years’ break from her music career, and in 2022 she resumed making music under the new name Leela Mela.

In the middle of 2022, Leela started a charity music project and with the help of the Japanese music community released a song in the Ukrainian language “Блакитні Небеса” (Blue Skies, 蒼空) to help Ukrainian people who suffer from the cruel and unjustified invasion of Russia. READ MORE