In 2015 Leela Mela (previous stage name Lily Kremp) collaborated on two songs with the world-level EDM artists from Japan The PBJ (Eiichi Saeki).

The PBJ’s New Album “Luminosity Abundance” was released on Oct 7th, 2015.
Lily Kremp (currently Leela Mela) and a few other different singers from all over the world participate in the album.
Two songs by Lily Kremp (currently Leela Mela) are included in the album: “Under the Streetlights” and “Rising Higher”.
“Rising Higher” was created together with The PBJ in 2013. And the song “Under the Streetlights” was initially created as the remix of Lily’s song, but the results turned out to be great so it was decided to include this song in the album as well, as an independent along with “Rising Higher”.

You can listen to the songs “Under the Streetlights” and “Rising Higher” on Spotify:

These two songs were sounding at RIZIN Fighting Federation World Grand Prix 2015 as background music in Japan, Saitama Super Arena, Dec 31, 2015.