On August 15th, 2022 visited Radio Setagaya together with the music producer Eiichi Saeki.
On the radio, we announced the start of our charity music project to support Ukraine and presented a demo version of the song “Блакитні Небеса” (Blue Skies, 蒼空).

Except for the new project we also presented one of our old songs “Rising Higher” which we recorded and released back in the 2015th year together with The PBJ (Eiichi Saeki). The song was included in the Album “Luminocity Abundance” by The PBJ and performed by Lella Mela under the previous stage name Lily Kremp.

The radio interview was recorded and will be broadcasted on August 27th from 8 PM UTC+09:00 on Radio FM Setagaya 83.4MHz.

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