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Announcing the start of the charity project on Radio Setagaya in Tokyo

On August 15th, 2022 visited Radio Setagaya together with the music producer Eiichi Saeki.On the radio, we announced the start of our charity music project to support Ukraine and presented a demo version of the song “Блакитні Небеса” (Blue Skies, 蒼空). Except for the new project we also presented one of our old songs “Rising Higher” which we recorded and released back in the 2015th year together with The PBJ (Eiichi Saeki). The song was […]

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Charitable music project to support Ukraine

Announcing the production of music for “Блакитні Небеса” (English title: Blue Skies). Leela Mela is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter currently living in Japan. Leela wrote the lyrics to this song with a deep love for her homeland, and is trying to bring a little joy and hope to the people of Ukraine whose land has been cruelly invaded by Russia. In addition to her singing career, Leela Mela is currently volunteering remotely from Japan to support […]

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